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2020 Information & Authorization Form
The Information & Authorization Form must be completed prior to your child's first day of camp. If you have more than one child, you must complete the Information & Authorization Form for each child. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Goals For Your Child:
Camp is proven to provide many benefits to children, which include learning new skills, engaging in physical activities, exploring new interest, building independent and resilience, making new friends, practicing social skills, adapting to new experiences, and having fun! Though your child will surely experience all of these great benefits, we would like to know what your most important goal is for your child at camp.
Camp Happy Hall T-Shirts:
To ensure your camper gets the t-shirt size requested, this form must be submitted by Friday, May 10. Campers are required to wear their camp t-shirts on field trips.
General Sizing Guide: XS (4-5 yrs), S (6-7 yrs), M (8-9 yrs), L (10-12 yrs), XL (13-16 yrs)
Sun Health:
Parents are responsible for applying sunscreen to their child prior to arrival at camp. Parents should also provide sunscreen for camp staff to reapply to their child later in the day. The parent must label the sunscreen bottle with the child’s name and place it in our sunscreen bin. Additionally, parents may also encourage their child to wear a hat when playing outdoors. Please teach your child how to apply sunscreen correctly and talk with your child about the importance of applying sunscreen.
I authorize Happy Hall Schools to apply sunscreen (provided by parent) to my child.

The 3.5 ft section of the pool (which is roped off) is open to all campers who have been authorized to swim. All children who wish to swim beyond 3.5 ft, will be required to take a swim test, administered by a lifeguard, that will determine which section of the pool they can safely swim in. If your child is not authorized to swim, they can participate in our many pool-side activities.

I authorize my child to swim at the Millbrae Meadows Swim Club
I authorize my child to take the swim test.

Happy Hall often takes photographs and video of camp activities and campers to be used for educational, training, and promotional purposes.

I authorize photographs and video taken of my child to be published by Happy Hall.
Face & Body Art:

Happy Hall uses professional grade face and body paint, glitter tattoos, henna, and nail polish (Trailblazers Only) for events and activities. 

I authorize my child to participate in Face & Body Art during events and activities.
Off-Site Activities:

Happy Hall walks and/or uses professionally chartered buses for all off-site activities.  This includes field trips, walking to and from the Millbrae Meadows Swim Club and community walks. Campers who are not authorized for Off-Site Activities may not attend camp during Off-Site Activity hours.

I authorize my child to participate in off-site activities.
Once you click Submit, you will be taken to the home page. If you have more than one child, please return to this page to submit another authorization form. If at all during the summer, you would like to change your answers, you must submit a new authorization form, as well as email us at to notify us that there has been a change to your child's authorizations.
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