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What draws people to camp?

It’s the culture. We create a culture where children are honored, empowered, feel safe, and enjoy building relationships. We do this by practicing our Camp Life Skills: Caring, Patience, Cooperation, Flexibility, Effort, and Responsibility.


How are Life Skills incorporated into Camp? 

Throughout the day, we include activities and daily group discussions that allow campers to practice and demonstrate Life Skills. Campers are recognized with colored tickets for specific Life Skills they demonstrate. Each week campers place their tickets in the Camp Life Skills raffle jar for a chance to choose a prize from our Camp Treasure Box.


What is our goal?

By learning new skills campers better understand the world around them and obtain the tools needed to live a more productive and fulfilling life. Ultimately, our goal is to cultivate the next generation of confident, curious, and compassionate adults!



Showing kindness and concern. Thinking about other people’s feelings and being gentle with our friends showing empathy.

The capacity to wait something out. We practice patience when we wait our turn to play a game, talk to a teacher, or use a tool.


The process of working together.  We practice cooperation when we use teamwork and share ideas to complete a job.

Willingness to change or compromise. When something changes in our day, we need to be flexible and just go with it.


Thinking in an optimistic way, looking for solutions, expecting good results and success, and focusing and making life more enjoyable.


Trying our hardest and doing our best. We practice effort when we keep trying. We can always ask for help.

Doing what we are expected to do. We are all responsible for taking care of the camp, toys, books and work areas.

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