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Join us for fun and adventure where campers build character and learn new skills. Camp Happy Hall offers skill-based workshops featuring science, creative arts, brain power, and movement for campers grades TK-8. All activities emphasize academic enrichment, character development, and hands-on learning of valuable life skills.


All workshops are designed to keep campers alert, enthusiastic, and engaged. Workshops consist of the following activities:


The STEAM activity is an engaging and educational component of our program designed to spark curiosity and encourage problem-solving. These activities help students grasp fundamental STEAM concepts, participate in hands-on experiments, engage in design thinking, and practice creativity. As students progress through the grades, these activities become more complex, eventually including areas like coding and advanced projects.


Movement activities in our program are meant to promote physical fitness and teamwork among students. Ranging from simple games for the younger ones to structured sports for the older students, these activities are designed to improve coordination, foster a sense of camaraderie, and boost overall physical health. By participating, students also learn the values of fair play, cooperation, and sportsmanship.


The Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) activities foster empathy, self-awareness, and effective interpersonal skills in our students. SEL is an educational approach focusing on developing students' social and emotional competence. These activities involve various interactive tasks, group discussions, and role-plays, allowing students to understand and manage their emotions better, build positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.


Our Mindfulness & Yoga activities are designed to help students cultivate self-awareness, improve concentration, and learn how to manage stress effectively. Tailored for different age groups, these activities include age-appropriate yoga poses and mindfulness techniques. The goal is to enhance students' emotional, physical, and mental well-being, teaching them a valuable skill set they can carry with them into their daily lives


07:00 AM     Crafts, Games, Reading, and more
09:10 AM     Snack
09:40 AM     Yoga
10:00 AM     Brain Power Workshop
10:45 AM     STEAM Workshop
11:40 AM     Lunch & Recess
01:30 PM     Social Emotional Learning Workshop
02:25 PM     Movement Workshop
03:20 PM     Spirit Rally
03:35 PM     Snack
04:00 PM     Crafts, Games, Reading, and more
06:00 PM     Close of the Day​

2023-2024 SESSIONS


TK * - Grade 8

*Must be currently enrolled in TK

MESD Expanded Learning Winter Camp - English.png


Submit an enrollment request for our Spring session.

Snacks & Lunch: Morning and afternoon snacks and lunch are provided to all campers at no additional fee. All food served at Camp Happy Hall is nut-free. If your child has food allergies, please indicate this in your child's online profile and contact the director.


What to Wear: Please send your child to camp with comfortable shoes, light jacket, and sunscreen. We'll have plenty of fun Rain or Shine!


Program Changes: Please note, activities, camp dates, and locations are subject to change or cancellation based on weather and number of campers enrolled by the registration deadline.

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